What is MTHpay?

‘MTHpay’ redefines business insurance allowing our clients a true ‘pay by the month’ solution.

Streamlining what was once a process involving multiple stakeholders and additional contracts into a direct relationship, in the same way consumer insurance operates.

Consumer insurance is easy and allows individuals to deal directly with the chosen insurance provider, who also offer pay by the month options with no additional contracts.

Unlike consumer insurance, business insurance typically involves a more complex process with multiple stakeholders involved and until now the only alternative for clients was to deal with an external funding facility to be able to offer clients the option to pay their insurance premiums.

Key Benefits of MTHpay for all SME clients:

Improved Cashflow

Monthly repayments spread over up to 60 months, which allows businesses greater financial flexibility and predictable cashflow.

No financial contracts

Straight forward management of insurance repayments, minus the financial applications and contracts.

No hidden fees

With MTHpay there are no ongoing loan services or security fees outside of the insurance policy itself. Clients will always have complete transparency regarding what they are insured for and how much they are paying.

Simple management

MTHpay not only offers you a pay-by-the-month payment option, but also affords the ability to bundle multiple Gensure Insurance policies, into a single monthly repayment plan.