Fixed, Simple, Comprehensive

Coming Soon… The Future of Plant and Machinery Insurance

Fixed Premiums

Fixed price premiums for up to 5 years, that are not affected by claims


Simple online paperless insuring  process.


Comprehensive coverage, including Business Interruption, Dry Hire Coverage, Third Party Personal and Property damage

We’re simplifying insurance.

After a wide online & physical search, you have finally found the right plant or machine (new or used) that will do the job for the next 3 to 5 years at least.

It’s priced close to your budget but you can find the extra money even if the finance (if required) won’t fund the extra amount.

And then you remember that it will need to be insured (more money!)… Not really an issue but they do ask a lot of questions as the insurance has so many optional covers (time-consuming!) and will have to potentially go through it all again next year (hope I don’t have any claims as they will probably want a higher premium or excess!).

The Gensure Solution.

By speaking to your Finance Broker, Financier or Supplier (or contact us), they can show you our insurance indication, based on how long you want to fix your premium for… from 1 to 5 years!

They can then simply refer your details through our online Gensure System, which will send an indicative offering to you via email… Which you can accept and sign from any device to proceed.

Once your insurance is in place, any claims or other unforeseen circumstances do not affect your premium or excess for the entire insurance period!